Creating an account on Power Team Invest is free. In order to start making money you have to subscribe to a package of your choice.
They range as follows;

Your Investment.    Guaranteed 200% ROI
Micro - $10$20
Intermediate -$25$50
Compact - $50$100
Starter - $125$250
Basic - $250$500
Silver - $500$1,000
Gold - $1,000$2,000
Premium - $2,000$4,000
Diamond - $5,000$10,000

Registration is absolutely free. Upon registration, you access a unique dashboard where you can pay for a particular package of your choice and a special PTI link is generated. That link is you affiliate link and you can start sharing it with your network/team. You can cash out anytime as soon as your reference affiliates join under your PTI link. We invest your money in our platforms which include and not limited to; Cryptocurrency, Binary Options, Real Estate, Bonds among others. We always ensure that the investment yields high returns, so, no losses are incurred when you invest with us. You can create sub-accounts when your referral link is full. Your yields automatically update hourly and you can cash out anytime, anywhere!

This is the place to be.

NB: You can create as many accounts as possible.
Your referrals must register under your PTI package.
You can withdraw anytime.
1st investment is payable as soon as you register three affiliates under your link and your 2nd investment is payable after 3 days.
Bonuses payable to those who complete their PTI team within 24hrs. (And all affiliate referrals PTI members have paid)